If we are not running a course in your area ?

The On-Line Skills in Babysitting Course is now available to any eligible student wherever they live and contains up to date interactive lessons.

We have maintained the low cost of  this course  to make it affordable and easy to work through..  It is ideal for self educators or families living in remote areas or abroad.

The modules cost no more than £5.00 each & this includes prompt tutor guidance assessment and a Certificate on completion.

One Parent had this to say    ”  From a parent’s point of view, I thought the course was very good. It challenged her and made her think a bit further than just sitting with a child and reading all evening. The fact that she could prepare in advance and make it fun for both herself and her charge was possibly something she hadn’t considered. She thoroughly enjoyed the course  and it has definitely spurred her on to think about making this a small business for herself.”

A life Skill is for everyone.

Our  On-Line Skills in Babysitting course is available now.  It can be reached from anywhere in the world. So far successful students who want to learn a new life skill have come to us from Canada, USA, Russia,  Scotland and Wales as well as all parts of England.

The UK Autumn half term is a good time to start and you could be earning real pocket money by Christmas.

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Your Babysitting Course

The  half term is a good time to get started with learning an essential  life skill that will provide some pocket money.     You can start your Babysitting Course at any time by reading all about it here.    You can register by clicking the Registering & Payment prompt on that page.    For as little as an hour or so a day we will teach you all that you need to know about Babysitting and you could join the successful students who now have a regular babysitting income.

Recommended by Students and Parents


Parents like this course

We ask for feedback from all  students at the end of the course and parents can provide their thoughts.  This is what one parent said  “Great babysitting course for my 14 year old. Almost everything is covered! Fab! Would recommend to every teen girl who is looking to babysit as a job, or just looking for more knowledge about it”.

January Cashback Reward

A big thank you to all of the students who qualified over the Christmas period.

With this success  we want to reward the hard work that our new students put into our On-Line learning. By using the tools that we provide and by researching each subject we have seen some excellent results which deserve a reward

For those who can achieve an overall mark of between  95 and 100% we will give back 15%. in cash          For a mark of between 85 and 95% we will  give back 10% and for between  75 and 85%  5%

Special Offer ready for you.

HURRY if you are age 13 to 16 this could be your opportunity.

We have  places on our On-Line Course available at a  massive 20% DISCOUNTED  PRICE to prepare you for the busy Christmas season.

Christmas is only a month away and parents will be looking for a babysitter to look after their children when they want to do some shopping or go to festive parties.  Are you prepared and ready to earn some extra pocket money from babysitting ?

If you sign up for the On Line course now and work through it by devoting a few hours each week you could be amongst the babysitters in demand at the start of the school Xmas break this year.

You can apply by using the registration document just click  here.

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Thank you for your patience whilst we have been up-dating our website.

We are nearly there and hope to add a new page which will provide up to date information about availability of our courses and products.

Our On-Line Skills in Babysitting Course continues to be a popular choice for parents where other options are not available. There are currently 4 places available so why not make a choice today  and join us.