If we are not running a course in your area ?

The On-Line Skills in Babysitting Course is now available to any eligible student wherever they live and contains up to date interactive lessons.

We have maintained the low cost of  this course  to make it affordable and easy to work through..  It is ideal for self educators or families living in remote areas or abroad.

The modules cost no more than £5.00 each & this includes prompt tutor guidance assessment and a Certificate on completion.

One Parent had this to say    ”  From a parent’s point of view, I thought the course was very good. It challenged her and made her think a bit further than just sitting with a child and reading all evening. The fact that she could prepare in advance and make it fun for both herself and her charge was possibly something she hadn’t considered. She thoroughly enjoyed the course  and it has definitely spurred her on to think about making this a small business for herself.”

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    • You should go to the ON-LINE COURSES tab & Click Registration and Payment
      I am also sending you an email with directions

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