Virtual Babies

These are just some of our family.of babies.

In addition to our practical Babysitting courses which do contain an element of learning with a virtual baby, we now offer a separate module to accompany the course or as a standalone module.

A virtual baby will provide the Babysitter with a realistic and practical approach to looking after a new baby. It is not just a childhood toy. It is an instructional resource that can be programmed to behave in three modes from easy to difficult and an activity report can be made available to show the level of care taken by the user.

A virtual baby can also provide a preview of what a first time mum may expect in the days after her new baby arrives and is sometime used by a midwife as part of anti natal classes. We have a family of virtual babies for young people to hire in order to gain real experience of a new born baby.

Hire** a Virtual Baby for a day or even a weekend or share the experience with a friend at a sleepover. This has proven to be very successful with most of our babies being booked weeks in advance.

** The cost of hire will include pick-up from and return to the Baby’s location. Babies have to be activated when picked up and we cannot guarantee that the baby will start and perform correctly if activation is delayed by the use of any form of transport, however gentle it may be.

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