Anita TaylorIt all started when Teen Angel Babysitters was launched in November 2006. The founder, Anita Taylor, recognised that babysitting was a very popular choice of employment for young people but many had little or no basic skills to cope in often difficult situations.

Anita decided that something had to be done about this so designed and wrote a course which covered the important aspects of safe babysitting. Her course carried a recognised Qualification and has been taught in schools, pupil referral units, community centres and through Girl Guides, giving teenagers the skills and confidence to babysit safely.

The courses have been developed and are now a first step towards teaching life skills that may become the backbone of early parenthood. Whilst teaching the original course, Anita used simulator (Virtual) babies and saw what a huge impact they had on the teenagers. It led to her purchasing a small number of babies that can be available to hire to young people out during weekends and holidays who wish to put into practice what they have learned.

It was while she was teaching the Teen Angel Babysitting course that Anita saw another opportunity to use the babies, and that was in teaching sexual health issues. As this topic fell neatly into the school curriculum under Personal, Social and Health Education, she was soon in great demand in schools to deliver her specialist courses and now the family of babies are additionally hired by schools who already cover this subject in their PHSE classes.

These activities fall under the parent company Teen Transitions Ltd

The Teen Transitions courses, under the banner of Teen Awareness and Teen Choice, have also attracted social workers, youth leaders and satellite centre staff. This has led to the purchase of three more sophisticated virtual babies which demonstrate the different effects of negligence during pregnancy, drug use and finally one baby demonstrating the damage which can be done by abusing a baby.

From the early beginnings Anita has developed a number of other courses that are tailored to suit the needs of all educational establishments. To discuss these or If you would like to find out more, please use our contact form or give us a call for a friendly chat or email us on anita@teenangelbabysitters.co.uk