All of our course are available through our e-learning platform called Edmodo.

Students who purchase a course will complete a registration form which will generate a class and an invite to join Edmodo by email       (as below).

A N Other 
Anita Taylor’s Class
Join Anita Taylor’s Class on
I’m using Edmodo in class with students and to keep
parents informed.  I’ll use it to share important
updates, assignments, and more. It’s free and it takes
under a minute to sign up!
A N Other, visit or download the Edmodo app and
use this username and password to login to your account.
Username: another777777
Password: AbCdE

Once a student joins the class, the tutor will welcome you and explain how Edmodo works, assign tasks for completion and mark work that has been submitted.  

Once the course is completed students will receive a certificate showing their competence and skills in the subject learned, which they can use to progress their careers in childcare, secure babysitting jobs and more. 

The course is designed for individual or group learning, we have had great success offering our Skills in babysitting course to schools who offer this course as part of the Cambridge Nationals – Child Development level 1/2  qualification.

To find out more about any of our courses please contact or use the Contact Us form.

The cost for our online learning is:

Skills in Babysitting – £55.00

Level 1 Introduction to Safeguarding – £35.00

Level 2 Advanced Safeguarding Training – £45.00

Introduction to Caring for Children – £55.00

All of our courses can be purchased by completing the Registration form on the Registration & Payment page which will take you to a Pay Pal payment page and automatic enrollment.

For details of how to do this and to enroll a student please go to the Enrollment page.