Work with us

If you have been looking at this website and arrived here you may be someone who feels that they can contribute towards individual teenage attainment.

You may consider that you have the ability to work with Teen Angel Babysitters to deliver our Skills in Babysitting Course in areas where we are well established and also where we are not represented.

The demand for the Babysitting practical course means that resources are stretched at times and in order to deliver this particular course where it is needed and when it is needed we are looking for people who enjoy working with children and who have the time to spend a few hours each week, usually after school, in the company of young people who are willing to learn a life skill.   The course work is fun and is delivered in a way that children learn a useful skill in a relaxed environment and that their parents approve of.

If you are a trainee teacher looking for practical experience or someone with experience of working with young people we would like to hear from you.

We have recently developed a programme of association where Tutors who would like to have a dedicated area to work in and can see an opportunity to deliver our course within their defined location choice, can be given he freedom to work on their own initiative.

For all details or enquiries please contact Anita at  ‘ CONTACT Us ‘