Parental feedback

This what one parent wrote recently on our feedback form when her daughter had completed her On-Line Course.

“I thought this was an excellent course, with the appropriate subject matter and standard which provided good information and also made her think about aspects she hadn’t considered previously. It was well thought out and I would highly recommend this course”.

Why not enroll your daughter for the Skills in Babysitting On-Line Course?

Christmas is only a month away

Christmas is only a month away and parents will be looking for a babysitter to look after their children when they want to do some shopping or go to festive parties.  Are you prepared and ready to earn some extra pocket money from babysitting.

If you sign up for the on line course today and work through it by devoting a few hours each week you could be amongst the babysitters in demand at the start of the school Xmas break this year.

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Start your On-Line course now. Do not delay

If you want to become a proficient babysitter in time to be earning some pocket money during the Christmas holidays then now is a good time to learn.

My Skills in Babysitting On-Line course will teach you all you need to know and give you the confidence to start to care for siblings or other children whilst the parents have some quality time away from home.

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Discount extended

More than five students have applied for their discount and are on their way to become qualified to earn some pocket money from  Babysitting.

There are still a few vacancies for our popular e-learning course and the discount  has been extended until the end of July.

To find out how to enrol for the course  all you have to do is to contact us with your details and find out how easy it is to get started.

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Easter Babysitting Opportunity

The January special offer was a great success and all of the students who took part during January & February have now qualified and should be earning some pocket money helping busy Mothers preparing for Easter.

With Easter approaching it is a good time to think about how you can learn a life skill that could earn some pocket money.                   There are a few spaces available for students to start the On-Line Course now.       It is easy to sign up and start.

Even Better!

Following the change in our tax status this course has just become 20% cheaper and for a limited period we will add a further discount  which will make the Course even more attractive.

To find out how to start the Skills in Babysitting course at the offer price please use the Contact Us  page form and we will get back to you to tell you how.

For this limited period, the On-Line course will only cost the same as our Practical Course which we run at selected schools and you can start immediately.

No tax to pay

We are no longer registered for VAT. This means that the overall cost of our course has just been reduced by 20%.

To sign up for the cheapest ever course with no reduction in quality tuition please go to the On-Line courses page and choose how you want to pay.


Babysitting today

Parents should always ensure that the babysitter they choose to look after their offspring is fully trained and qualified.

Our On-Line training is structured to ensure that each student can only pass once they fully understand every aspect of the course.

Qualification takes four weeks and cost from £12.50 per week.