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Online babysitting course for young people aged 11 to 16

Teen Angel Babysitters

I  launched Teen Angel Babysitters (TAB) in November 2006 when it became apparent that there was little or no training for young people wishing to earn pocket money babysitting or caring for siblings at home.

Our courses start with the 'Babysitting Basics' course and was so popular that parents & teenagers, requested follow on courses, that further build on a teenagers understanding of childcare, and how to work with children safely. 


Our services have been used in the following ways:

  • Enhancing mainstream curriculum

  • As an after school activity

  • Home Education

  • in addition to GCSE Child Development  

  • As a hobby or personal interest

Our online courses are offered through Edmodo, providing fun and structured learning experiences, using podcasts, videos, assignment-based tasks, quizzes and Microsoft OneNote, that capture what is being learned and shared with the tutor.

Every module has clear objectives to support teaching and learning, which can be adapted to suit individual needs.


Our parents have offered very positive feedback and like the ability to oversee their child's learning and success. 


All of this from the comfort of your own home!


All that is required to access our courses is a computer, laptop, or mobile device and internet.


Your feedback is important to us, so why not get in touch?

Ready to Learn More?

Skilled Sitter 


Super Sitter 

Advanced Babysitting

This course follows on from the Babysitting Basics course and covers:

  • Recognising and caring for children who are unwell

  • Babysitter and parent expectations

  • Introduction to the babysitting toolkit

  • Running a babysitting business

  • Emotional development

Course cost  £65.00​

This course follows on from the Skilled Sitter course and covers:

  • Managing children's behaviors

  • Safeguarding children

  • Caring for children with special needs

  • Using the babysitting toolkit

  • Promoting children's health & well-being

Course Cost £70.00​

Pick & Mix Courses

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pick & mix.jpg

Basics in Safeguarding Children

Babysitting Toolkit

Running a babysitting Business 

An introduction to safeguarding training will provide you with up to date statutory guidance and a thorough overview of how to:

  • Recognise safeguarding concerns

  • Respond to safeguarding concerns

  • Record safeguarding concerns

  • Refer safeguarding concerns

This course is suitable for babysitters, or students at college who are studying childcare. 

Buy Now for £35.00

The babysitting toolkit has everything a babysitter needs when caring for siblings or other peoples children. Access fun resources to entertain children and meeting requirements and expectations of parents/carers. 

Buy Now for £45.00

Learn what you need to do to set up your own professional babysitting business.  Prepare for interviews, learn about setting your rate of pay and  how tax works in the UK. Tap into our resources to get you started.   

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